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Customer Data Integration (CDI)

Business evolves very quickly and corporations focus their strategies on customer relationships. To do this, they need to create and make available a complete and integrated panorama of the customer – Single Customer View (SCV) or Customer 360° View – through the different business lines, channels and partners. This approach is an important competitive differential, as companies are able to view the customer more completely and consistently, taking advantage of this knowledge to create and offer new products or services, increasingly adapted to his desires.

In this way, Customer Data Integration (CDI) is important and necessary, since customer information comes from a wide variety of sources, is then standardized and consolidated, and is centrally maintained.

By implementing Customer Data Integration and using the knowledge acquired, the company may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its interactions, both with customers and prospects. To do that, they must prepare themselves for a relationship through the most diverse communication channels, which today multiply due to the great advance of technology. This is known as Omni-Channel, which integrates all available channels to contact the customer and is only possible with CDI.