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Corporate Data Environment

In the corporate world, processes are increasingly based on huge amounts of information that flow and accumulate in companies’ data repositories, collected in different ways, in a variety of formats, structured or not, and with multiple origins – many of which are not in direct control of the company.

For a company, it’s imperative to decide on clear terms what is the best way to take advantage of the available information. The mandatory first step is to understand the strategies, goals and needs of the company’s business. This alignment must steer the purpose and the actions of the corporate data environment.

Assesso employs a methodology that is based on concepts and foundations from MIT’s Chief Data Officer & Information Quality program, supporting the creation of corporate data environments on solid ground. The information within those environments, be it for Big Data or traditional structures, must be built on strong foundations, since the information they contain will be the groundwork for planning and implementing crucial studies and actions, such as Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, CRM and operational processes. However, many companies keep operating and making decisions without previous knowledge of the real quality of the involved data, generating incorrect results that lead to significant financial losses and distrust on the systems being used.

When structures with substantial amount of data, such as Data Lakes, Operational Data Store (ODS) or Data Warehouse, are used for analytical studies, operation support and strategic and critical decision-making, it becomes essential to support those environments on high quality information that is valid, reliable and available at the right moment.

Ingesting, preparing and consolidating data for use are complex tasks that entail analysis of information brought from wide-ranging sources, captured on different moments and through varied processes. Data Quality processes on these environments aim to monitor and ensure the quality of the information, since its acquisition. through its transformation and up until its consolidation – what we call Data Preparation. In most cases, data isn’t fully ready for utilization, so it’s necessary to adjust them to the needs of each consuming area of the company.

The growing complexity of companies’ data environments is represented in the multiplicity of technologies and storage patterns available on the marketplace. The choice of a technology or a way of the data storage will directly influence the level of fitness for consumption on different company areas. When making data available for consumption, it must be taken into account the different needs from consuming areas, in regards to the information’s integration pattern, granularity, orientation, format and representation. These factors will contribute decisively to facilitate the use of information and to show its quality to consumers.

These projects must address not only the information itself, but also the Data Lineage, with the registration of varied metadata to explain the meaning of each piece of information and its production flow.

Assesso has a long experience in mapping and designing data flow on complex environments in order to stimulate the fluidity of information through the company’s departments, complying to its own quality requirements and allowing the full use of that information on operational, analytical and strategic environments in the company.

Information management and data governance must be the base of projets such as CRM, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics. In projects such as these, Assesso employs DataCare®, its complete solution for information management and data governance in varied formats.
With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, obtaining Data Quality in a Big Data environment becomes more important each day.
Counterintuitively, when applying Data Science to achieve goals, the focus is not on the machines’ actions, but rather on the consulting experience of specialists. Big Data is not supposed to be merely a huge volume of data at one’s disposal; in order to become a strategic tool, it requires an integrated analysis focused on Analytics, addressing deeply matters such as user experience (UX)
The human fator is the most indispensible tool, able to transform data into feelings that can generate in the user the perception of a brand’s personality, attachment and fidelity. This is why consulting with specialists is the main step for Data Preparation and to make an effective Data-Driven Business.
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