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Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management (MDM) is an extensive set of technologies, services and processes for creating, maintaining and delivering a complete and integrated view of a company’s business key-entities, such as customers, materials, services, partners and suppliers. In today’s fast-changing markets, where information is increasingly being used for both decision support and operation, organizations need to ensure that master data is standardized, qualified and unified, so they can be shared and consumed by all departments.

For customer data, MDM provides consolidation and management of information gathered in all sources available in the organization, such as: sales, e-commerce, customer service, financial and legal departments. MDM also allows integration of the various sales and customer relationship channels used by companies, such as physical stores, web, mobile, SMS, e-mail and any other types of interaction.

For materials, MDM provides consolidation and management of information produced and consumed throughout the organization, such as purchasing, inventory, engineering and production departments. When properly constructed, MDM of materials provides qualification, standardization, unification of master data, along with flexibility to integrate data with consumer systems. A MDM project improves the registration flow of information related to materials, providing better process control and accuracy in the registered information, whether technical, accounting or taxation.

MDM projects conducted by Assesso apply an own methodology that maps information flow, assess information quality, applies a descriptive standard of materials and services (PDM and PDS), models data repository and defines all transformation and business rules that compose a master data management environment. In addition, these projects are supported by the MDM version of DataCare®, which implements the key components of an MDM project: data quality services, data repository services, flexibility to implement different forms of data consumption and publication, support to data stewardship processes, management of information quality metrics and user interface for querying and maintaining data.