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Master Data Management

Master data encompasses information about customers, materials, services, partners and supplier. In order to offer insight and support the operation, it must be standardized, evaluated and unified, so that it can be shared and consumed by all areas of a company.

Master Data Management – MDM – consolidates data gathered from all available sources in the company, for example: sales departments, e-commerce, customer service, financial and legal departments. MDM also allows for the integration of several sales and customer relationship channels employed by companies, such as physical store, web, mobile, SMS, e-mail and other forms of interaction.

When it comes to materials, products and services, MDM provides with the consolidation and management of information produced and consumed by the whole company, including, for example, procurement, storage, engineering and production departments.

MDM qualifies, standardizes and unifies master data, offering flexibility to integrate data with the consuming systems. Moreover, it enhances the registering flow of information related to materials, products and services, providing tighter control over the process and precision in the information that is registered, be it technical, book keeping or tributes.

Assesso’s MDM projects apply a methodology that is based on the concepts and foundations of MIT’s Chief Data Officer & Information Quality program. It can map the flow of information; assess the information quality; analyze and recognize the descriptions of materials, products and services; model data repositories and define all standards of data handling and business rules that form a master data management environment. Not only that, these projects are supported by DataCare®, a software developed by Assesso that implements the main components for a MDM Project: data quality services, database services, flexibility to implement different manners of data consumption and publishing, support to data stewardship processes, metrics management for information quality and registration portal.

Our MDM specialists obtain the best out of the data supplied by customers and prospects.or acquired from varied sources, and in making the company a Data Driven Business, aimed at achieving the best organizational results.

Information management and data governance must be the base of projets such as CRM, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics. In projects such as these, Assesso employs DataCare®, its complete solution for information management and data governance in varied formats.
With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, obtaining Data Quality in a Big Data environment becomes more important each day.
Counterintuitively, when applying Data Science to achieve goals, the focus is not on the machines’ actions, but rather on the consulting experience of specialists. Big Data is not supposed to be merely a huge volume of data at one’s disposal; in order to become a strategic tool, it requires an integrated analysis focused on Analytics, addressing deeply matters such as user experience (UX)
The human fator is the most indispensible tool, able to transform data into feelings that can generate in the user the perception of a brand’s personality, attachment and fidelity. This is why consulting with specialists is the main step for Data Preparation and to make an effective Data-Driven Business.
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