Our Solutions

Systems Conversion and Migration Projects

Assesso acts so that systems conversion and migration processes, extremely critical tasks of any project, can be carried out in a high quality, controlled way. Using our methodology, our consultants map the information flow from the source systems, including the necessary transformations so that its content is stored in an accurate, consistent and standard way in the new environment.

Transformation and validation processes are built with DataCare® and all rules are discussed and defined with effective participation of the client. It is important to emphasize that the loading process is intensively tested during the evolution of the project, collaborating to minimize the occurrence of exceptions.

By knowing the migration strategy to be adopted by the company, we carry out the monitoring of the entire execution, in order to ensure that the information undergoes the planned transformation and is loaded with the desired quality.

Assesso has already promoted data conversion and migration projects for several ERP and CRM platforms such as SAP, Oracle ERP, Siebel, Salesforce and MS Dynamics.