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Data Quality

Information is being increasingly regarded as a valuable asset for organizations and, in this context, Data Quality is becoming increasingly important. Among other factors, reliable and high quality information is helpful to win new clients, increase revenue and reduce costs. However, low quality data leads to operational inefficiency, compromises decision-making with incorrect conclusions and erodes the customers’ trust and relationship.

Data Quality is a discipline that addresses and evaluates different aspects – or dimensions – of data, such as consistency, timeliness, accessibility and ease of understanding, among others. Its purpose is to ensure that whoever needs certain information will get it in an accurate form, in the right way and at the right moment, so that it can be consumed with confidence and safety, be it in operational processes or in decision-making.

Among the benefits obtained from improved Data Quality, we can highlight:

  • Decision-making based on reliable information
  • Increased efficiency of operational and relationship actions that involve customer contact, due to a single and complete view of their data
  • Easier identification of new opportunities to increase sales, such as cross-selling and up-selling
  • Compliance with regulatory rules, avoiding penalties
  • Consolidated and shared view of information, avoiding the distortion caused by the multiplicity of silos with duplicate and conflicting data
  • Easier data migration to new platforms adopted
Information management and data governance must be the base of projets such as CRM, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics. In projects such as these, Assesso employs DataCare®, its complete solution for information management and data governance in varied formats.
With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, obtaining Data Quality in a Big Data environment becomes more important each day.
Counterintuitively, when applying Data Science to achieve goals, the focus is not on the machines’ actions, but rather on the consulting experience of specialists. Big Data is not supposed to be merely a huge volume of data at one’s disposal; in order to become a strategic tool, it requires an integrated analysis focused on Analytics, addressing deeply matters such as user experience (UX)
The human fator is the most indispensible tool, able to transform data into feelings that can generate in the user the perception of a brand’s personality, attachment and fidelity. This is why consulting with specialists is the main step for Data Preparation and to make an effective Data-Driven Business.
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