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Data Governance

An Information Management program directly affects organizational strategic and operational areas, and success depends greatly on the way it is conducted. For this reason, it is very important to adopt the Data Governance function.

Data Governance defines the roles and responsibilities of the various program stakeholders and monitors the implementation of the actions and results obtained in order to assess their efficiency and effectiveness, allowing adjustments to be made in their course and ensuring that information is processed as an asset of the organization. Among its roles is to monitor the progress of the various program fronts, such as:

• Permanent alignment with the business strategy and corporate goals and meeting the organization’s data needs;
• Creating and maintaining data architecture and integration standards, in conjunction with IT;
• Facilitating technical and operational initiatives to improve Data Quality and its availability to consumer areas.

In addition, Data Governance determines the rules for obtaining and using data and establishes the basis for monitoring and evaluating the program. This function addresses the following requirements:

• Policies and standards for data acquisition, maintenance and usage;
• Definition of metrics and criteria for monitoring data quality and the collection, storage and consumption flows;
• Data security and accessibility: granting access permission only for those who need it, when needed;
• Ensuring compliance with regulatory issues.

Assesso assists organizations in the Data Governance creation and on-going, in order to ensure the maximum benefits from the Information Management program.