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Data Quality and Handling Services

Data Quality and Handling Services

Data Quality Assessment

To assess the real quality of a data set, it is crucial to employ adequate tools and experienced, specialized professionals. For data quality assessment, Assesso employs DataCare®, a software developed to build information audit processes and enforce its methodology, which is based on the foundations and concepts of MIT’s Chief Data Officer & Information Quality program. Our software is programmed to steer the work, applying all the rules that identify the origins and causes of issues and guide actions of correction and quality improvement.


Data Cleansing

DataCare® supports validation, correction and standardization of the information stored in systems that handle companies’ operational or strategic data, paying special attention to personal  identification and contact data, such as name, address, phone and e-mail, as well as specific data from each company’s business. We also identify duplicity of entities, such as people, households and materials, unifying the records. This treatment encompasses databases from corporate environments, such as CRM, ERP, BI, DW and MDM, and can also be applied to data for specific uses, such as marketing campaigns.


Data Enrichment

Assesso builds the process of complementing information and keeping it up to date to adjust the data quality level to the business’s goals, such as address geolocation with aggregation of demographic and socioeconomical variables provided by statistics agencies, which allow a company to learn more about its customers and prospects. Our consultants have considerable experience to support our clients in the data acquisition strategy and in the development of processes to ascertain the quality of acquired data.


Data Quality for Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Many lines of business must abide by laws and regulations, such as GDPR and LGPD. Data quality is a common element of these norms, which aim to provide fiscal control and fight money laundering. Assesso offers consultants that specialize in ascertaining the adherence to norms and to the definition of strategies for information standardization, transformation and enrichment.


System Conversion and Migration

Being crucial tasks that must be performed in a controlled and qualified manner, system transferences deserve Assesso’s consulting specialists and its own methodology, which allows for a complete mapping of the information since its original systems, including the transformations needed to store its content adequately, consistently and within the new environments standards. The process of carrying in the new environment is thoroughly tested during the project’s evolution, contributing to minimize the occurrence of exceptions. We follow the complete implementation to ensure that the information is transformed in the intended way and is carried with the desired quality. Assesso has employed data conversion in migration projects for varied ERP and CRM packages available in the marketplace, such as SAP, Oracle ERP, Siebel, Salesforce and MS Dynamics.


Information management and data governance must be the base of projets such as CRM, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics. In projects such as these, Assesso employs DataCare®, its complete solution for information management and data governance in varied formats.
With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, obtaining Data Quality in a Big Data environment becomes more important each day.
Counterintuitively, when applying Data Science to achieve goals, the focus is not on the machines’ actions, but rather on the consulting experience of specialists. Big Data is not supposed to be merely a huge volume of data at one’s disposal; in order to become a strategic tool, it requires an integrated analysis focused on Analytics, addressing deeply matters such as user experience (UX)
The human fator is the most indispensible tool, able to transform data into feelings that can generate in the user the perception of a brand’s personality, attachment and fidelity. This is why consulting with specialists is the main step for Data Preparation and to make an effective Data-Driven Business.
Consulting with Assesso’s specialists can help your company to achieve its goals. Talk to our team.