Our Solutions

Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Data Profiling

Planning for data quality improvement starts with a thorough understanding of quality level. The vision of the actual quality of a database is only obtained from using suitable tools and specialized and experienced professionals. In data quality assessment, Assesso uses DataCare® to build information profiling processes and applies its methodology for project guiding, defining the rules to be applied, identifying sources and causes of data issues and for guiding quality improvement and correction actions.

Data Cleansing

Our data cleansing service, supported by DataCare®, consists of validation, correction and standardization of the information stored in systems that manipulate operational or strategic data of the companies. Person identification and contact data, such as name, address, telephone and e-mail, as well as specific business data of each company, are given special attention. We also identify duplicates of entities, such as people, households and materials and then perform duplicates unification. This treatment is applied either to corporate databases such as CRM, ERP, BI, DW and MDM, or single data sources such as marketing campaign lists.

Data Enrichment

Our data enrichment service consists of complementing and updating information to match the level of data quality to business objectives. An example of valuable information for the business is address geolocation and identification of the Brazilian census sector and the associated social-economic variables that allow better knowing of customers and prospects. Our consultants have extensive experience to guide our clients in data acquisition strategy, as well as to support interface with data suppliers and to develop processes to check the quality of the data acquired.

Data Quality for Regulatory Requirements

Many industries must comply with regulatory rules established by bodies or procedures, such as SOX and Basel II or Brazilian regulatory entities, such as BACEN, SUSEP, ANS, SPED. Data quality is a common issue of such rules, whose objectives are mostly for tax control and the struggle against money laundering. In order to meet regulatory requirements, Assesso provides a service that addresses adherence to regulatory requirements and definition of strategies for information standardization, transformation and enrichment.