DataCare® is the most advanced and efficient software for Information Management and Data Quality in the Brazilian market, offering a complete solution to treat data in the most varied formats, performing ingestion, preparation, consolidation and publication for consumption .

Fully developed and improved by Assesso for more than 20 years and always in line with the most modern technologies available, DataCare® is used by large companies of the various segments of our economy to handle data of any nature, with particular emphasis on the specialty in treatment of Brazilian data.

Due to its high performance and ease of integration features, DataCare® has been applied successfully in projects with huge volumes of data and multiplicity of data sources and standards. Use cases include Customer Data Integration, Data Lake, Big Data, MDM (People, Material, Products, Services), Operational and Analytical CRM, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and e-Commerce platforms. Assesso has already carried out more than 250 projects using DataCare®.

DataCare® is modular software that can be configured both for simple requirements on structured data validation and standardization, as well as more complex projects involving semi-structured or non-structured data such as those originated in social networks, IoT (Internet of Things), Web Analytics, and Record Logging.

DataCare® features are organized into 10 modules described below.


Data profiling and data assessment. DCAudit’s reports make it possible to identify completeness, violation of general and business rules, suspicious words and the need for data transformation and consolidation.


Validation, standardization and correction of addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. DataCare® handles addresses with international coverage. For Brazilian addresses and phone numbers, DataCare® provides a database of Brazilian addresses, area codes and phone number prefixes, adherent to rules defined by both the Brazilian Post Office and the Brazilian Federal Telecom Agency. For e-mail addresses, international syntax validation rules are applied.


Geolocation of worldwide addresses, distance calculation and balanced distribution of customers and prospects by points-of-contact. For Brazilian addresses, DCGeo also assigns the Brazilian Census Sector Code to the address for using sociodemographic variables in analytical or geo-marketing processes.


Validation, hygienization, standardization, composition and transformation of master and transactional data. DCCleaner allows to configure scenarios in which the contents of a field, a table row or a complete record of an entity's data should be either accepted or rejected.


Data validation and new attributes calculation based on business rules. It allows to use either simple or complex logical expressions in order to create new information from existing ones, such as scores, status, consolidations, best dates and others.


Entity resolution – identification of entity duplicates, such as people, households, materials and others. It provides full flexibility for composing comparison keys with a large library of similarity checking functions based on match coding and fuzzy logic concepts.


Merge and purge of duplicate records and Golden Record generation using data priority, frequency and recency criteria. This module also implements layers for data integration, storage and consumption on the DataCare MDM version.


Support for manual handling of inconsistencies pointed out by the other modules, allowing great productivity in recovering and improving quality for non-compliant data. This process is known as Back Office or Data Stewardship.


Production of data quality metric statistics for either each data source or the complete database, segmented by selected variables. Provides basis for data quality monitoring over time with a variety of views and filter options.


User interface to query and update data from the DataCare MDM environment. All query, validation, standardization, deduplication and consolidation services are made available to ensure master data integrity and quality.

In addition to the specialized tools, DataCare® offers a solid functional platform for Data Quality processes and services development:

• Ingestion and publication of data in a wide variety of repositories: Relational Databases, NoSQL, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System);
• Access control with users, profiles and privileges management;
• Integration with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP);
• Adherence to the main security recommendations for web environments;
• Alert generation and process pausing based on validation results, with notification via SMS, e-mail or phone call;
• Configuration of data processes and services through a friendly user interface without the need to use a programming language;
• Centralized business rules library.

DataCare® is a multi-platform solution that can be installed in Windows, Linux and Unix environments. Data handling processes can be used for mass execution on a single server or in a Hadoop cluster, and can also be published to be triggered via web services. The software is offered both on-premises and in the cloud, in SaaS model.