ISG Provider Lens™ Analytics Services 2021 Brazil research ranks Assesso as “Rising Star” in Data Lifecycle Management Services quadrant. You can download a free customized version of the ISG Provider Lens™ study.

ISG Provider Lens™ Analytics – Platforms 2022 Brazil research ranks Assesso as “Leader” in Data Governance Platforms quadrant. You can download a free customized version of the ISG Provider Lens™ study.

The 2023 report highlights that Assesso has won several new clients, major companies in Brazil, thereby managing to occupy a significant space in the market across various segments, such as financial services, consumer goods, media, telecom, education, and healthcare.


Datacare was developed based on MIT Chief Data Officer / Total Data Quality Management Program (CDO/TDQM) concepts. These are extremely high standards used by partner companies, governments, and universities around the world. Assesso was the first Brazilian company to join the program. Assesso’s methodology also adheres to DAMA’s DMBOK.



Strategic efficiency

Consolidated, centralized and reliable data is the foundation to scale your projects and intelligence. Save efforts and use reliable data in your applications.


Decisions based on data are more assertive with correct data. With Datacare, your company makes better decisions with validated data, made available at the right time, to the right people.

Digital transformation

The speed of digital transformation cannot be compromised by operational issues. Reliable data means reduced time to market and increased competitiveness.


Consolidated data enables better data protection and makes it easier to comply with LGPD and GDPR. Store only what you need and control sensitive data with Datacare.

Empower Marketing and Sales

Data is the core of the new marketing. Datacare provides insights for segmentation, cluster analysis, improving UX, cost reduction and campaign optimization.
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Go Beyond with Data Governance

Manage your data in alignment with your strategy, ensuring its quality, sharing and availability at the right time to the right people, enabling the generation of valuable insights and supporting the business.
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Accelerate Digital Transformation

Thriving in the new digital economy requires being prepared to deal with hyper-connectivity, ensuring data quality.
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With security and utmost availability, Datacare consolidates, standardizes, validates, sanitizes, and merges data from all sources into a single, robust data source.