Digital Transformation

Drive Digital Transformation

Thriving in the new digital economy requires being prepared to handle hyper-connectivity while ensuring data quality. Massive amounts of data open up countless possibilities for use with real-time Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics. However, the quality of your data is critical to the success of your initiatives. Unassertive and unreliable data is the main challenge of your digital transformation.

What are your key challenges
in Digital Transformation?

If these are challenges for you and your team, then Datacare can revolutionize your operations.

1. Can you instantly connect legacy systems to innovations?

2. Is your data centralized and highly available to new projects?

3. Are your AI and ML initiatives learning from reliable data?

Accelerate your innovation with centralized, trusted data repository

Decentralized data brings great challenges to managing and integrating new systems. Building and sustaining integrations with multiple applications takes valuable staff time. You can solve this with a single centralized data repository that offers extremely high availability and security. Datacare goes beyond this. It even consolidates, sanitizes, validates, and provides multiple controls for managing your data.

Bring your legacy into the new digital era

You don’t have to give up legacy systems. Years of use have accumulated valuable data that can be quickly migrated to Datacare. No matter your technology, Datacare can consume it and make it securely available in modern repositories. Datacare also takes care of the integration between different repositories in several technologies.

BI, Data Analytics and Data Science

On average, data scientists spend 70% of their time structuring data and only 30% actually analyzing it. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your decisions cannot be delayed or missed. Concrete and reliable information is the basis for strategic and managerial decisions. The quality of your data will be vital for building dashboards and data science practices. Datacare dramatically reduces the time spent structuring and sanitizing data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning requires right data. It may seem obvious, but wrong data will lead your AI to wrong conclusions and unpredictable behavior. Your machine learning initiatives need massive amounts of data with reliable information. Datacare is able to analyze the data and deliver to your AI quality inputs to develop its learning.

Digital Transformation Cases

360° View of Patients, Employees, Companies and Health Professionals in Healthtech

Rationalizing and improving the health services of employees of companies and insureds of health insurance companies and, at the same time, offering low complexity medical services accessible to the general population.

Insights for Product Creation in a Healthtech



Datacare is a complete tool, with hundreds of ready-to-use functions and tools capable of handling data on people and organizations, addresses, georeferencing, relationship histories, materials, products, accounting records, logs, images, spreadsheets and much more.

Professional Services

Assesso offers a set of professional services specializing in the handling, management, governance, and support of your data services, ensuring the highest performance and availability.