Motivations for our projects

Minimizing financial losses due to poor data quality

Facilitating decision-making based on reliable information and quality indicators

Reconciling information and ensuring its quality and availability in order to improve operation efficiency across the company

Adopting effective strategies of customer relationship, based on their interaction with the company, enhancing the outcome of actions such as cross-selling and up-selling

Minimizing issues on delivery and contact with customers due to address, phone or e-mail inconsistency

Reducing the impact of product and material poor data quality on supply chain processes

Ensuring compliance with regulatory and fiscal requirements, such as SOX, Basel II and Brazilian specific rules (Bacen, Susep, ANS, e-Social and Sped)

Making more assertive statistical models of product marketing, fraud scrutiny and risk analysis

Conheça a plataforma tecnológica especializada no tratamento, estruturação e gestão de dados, em uso há mais de 20 anos no Brasil

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